Become Named Top Cooling Clothing Brand by InStyle Magazine

We're thrilled that our Anti-Flush™ Tops were featured in InStyle, the go-to source for all things fashion, beauty, and celebrity

Here's what they had to say about Become:

An overdue surprise, finally a full line of clothing for women in all phases and stages of Menopause. London based and progressive in their approach to keeping things cool for women, the line is technology advanced in stylish ways. This is not your mother’s hot-flash (or as the British call it ‘hot flush”. The patented Anti-Flush technology of Become's fabric not only cools but also is tested to absorb heat from the surface of the skin during a hot flash, then help restore warmth to the body when the inevitable chills follow, as well as wick away moisture and immobilize odor. This plus great looks  - including a collection of easy to wear clothing and nightwear pieces, including a full plus size range for that essential next-to-skin layer. The choice of basic and fashion colors and a full plus size range are just icing on the Anti-flush Cami cooling cake.

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