Our Top 5 Highlights From Women Deliver 2019

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It was with that in mind that our founder Gayani Abeysinghe headed to Women Deliver 2019 in Vancouver. It's the World's largest conference on gender equality and health rights and wellbeing of girls and women. This year's theme was Power, Progress, Change with the message that when women feel empowered, it benefits everyone; it can transform lives, change the world and power real, sustainable progress.

Empowerment is key through all life stages - especially during the menopause - and talks covered everything from menstrual hygiene to solutions for the menopause (which Gayani contributed to). These are our top 5 moments from the conference:


1) Being on a panel on stage during a discussion about the stigma and taboos around women's sexual and reproductive health. The lack of knowledge and unwillingness to discuss menstrual health and menopause holds many women from realizing their true potential and we talked about our plans to solve this with our clothing and with our Facebook group, The Chilled Menopause.


2) Listening to world leaders and business leaders pledge to make things better for women. Melinda Gates empowered everyone with her belief that women can deliver change, not just babies. She talked about how to harness the power of technology for gender equality and to get more women involved in technology so they could build what they needed themselves. After all, we know what we need to make our lives easier.


3) The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, pledged to increase his government's annual commitment to funding for international sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health to hit and maintain $1.4 billion annually, starting in 2023. More spending means more women can be helped!


4) Meeting Women Deliver Young Leaders, who are learning at a young age that leadership roles are possible for women and getting equipped with the skills and knowledge to succeed. 


5) Finally, we're very proud to say we won an award. The Menstrual Health Hub presented us with a Women Centred Design award. 


If you'd like to listen to some of the talks in full, visit the Women Deliver YouTube channel

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