How To Dress For Hot Flushes In Summer

Hot flushes can be hell. Add a few extra degrees of summer heat and crank up the humidity levels like we’ve been experiencing recently and it’s a killer.

However, we don’t just have to accept it. There is a way for us to stop feeling sticky and red-faced and tired because we’re too hot to sleep and then feeling cranky and sluggish in the day. It involves intelligent fabric that draws heat away from the body, wicks away sweat, controls odour due to a microbial coating and releases heat back into the garment to beat that post-flush chill. And it looks like this:

Anti Flush Midi Briefs and Vest Top and Night Dresses

If you’re having difficulty sleeping, you can wear our midi briefs and vest tops or a night dress to bed. As heat is released back into the garment, you won’t wake up cold and clammy – your temperature will be regulated. The vest tops and midi briefs work equally well for day and is so versatile you can wear this combination under anything, even your work clothes, to stay cool and fresh whatever the day throws at you. 

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Anti Flush Camis

These come in four colours to enable you to mix and match with your favourite top layer. The white one goes particularly well with a crisp or floaty white blouse and the navy adds a pop of colour under a summer dress. Biscuit goes with absolutely everything and is so discreet that nobody will know that you’re wearing it except you (as it works wonders with your flushes)

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Anti Flush Leggings

It’s the ultimate dilemma – want to look your best for summer but can’t face exercising in the heat? Our Anti-flush leggings are designed to wick away more moisture than traditional workout wear because hot flush perspiration is different to that caused by exercise. Ultimately, our leggings will keep you dry so you can focus your energies on the class rather than cowering away because you’re drenched. You can also wear them to lounge around in – they’ll help you to chill in more ways than one.

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Anti Flush Short Sleeve T-Shirts and Long Sleeve T-shirts


Prefer to cover your arms? Wear our short sleeve t-shirts or three quarter length long sleeve t-shirts with your favourite midi skirt or shorts and dress them up or down. One thing will stay consistent however you wear the t-shirt – it will keep you dry and fresh and it will feel comfortable next to the skin. They’re available in four colours so if you like the fit, why not buy one in each colour. With our Combine and Save deal, that would save you 20% as the more you buy, the more you save.

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We hope this shows that there are options. Click here to see the full range and more details about how to Combine and Save.





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