Introducing Our New Brand Ambassador - Lisa Snowdon

We have news! We are excited to reveal that TV presenter Lisa Snowdon is our new brand ambassador.

Lisa is a perfect fit for Become; positive, bright and yet refreshingly grounded, she makes the most of every opportunity offered to her.  From presenting duties on This Morning to writing a blog called You Glow  Girl packed full of insider beauty tips, she truly makes the most out of every day.

We also believe that the menopause shouldn’t stop you living your life how you want to live it. Hot flushes and night sweats can be debilitating…but there are plenty of options to help you manage and control them. The fabric in our clothing contains Anti Flush Technology which works in four ways to help you take control of your hot flushes and night sweats: drawing heat away from the body, wicking away sweat, controlling odour and releasing heat back to fight the post-flush chill. Check out our Meno Guide for more hints and tips

Lisa comments that:

“The partnership with Become™ could not have come at a better time. I have found hot flushes and night sweats to be a difficult aspect of the menopause and having trialled the product myself, I can confirm that it absolutely helps to make the menopause symptoms more bearable. I found the night dress to be a great relief during the night sweats and then the vests and t-shirts were an effective way to keep hot flushes away during the day. I’m glad to be able to share this hidden gem with women and bring menopause to the forefront of the conversation.” 


During the shoot, it was really refreshing to see that Lisa wasn’t shy to talk about her symptoms, so we took the opportunity to ask her a few questions. We encourage that kind of honesty and openness and if that appeals to you check out our closed Facebook group, The Chilled Menopause.

 “It seems wrong that in 2019, the menopause is still looked at as a topic to be kept secret. I’m proud to be working with Become™ to bring this subject to light and in turn, allow women to feel supported and that there are in fact brands out there – like Become™ that can really make a difference.”


See Lisa’s new Become shoot HERE. 

Lisa, describe your menopause journey and experience with hot flushes

‘I’m definitely peri menopausal and it’s erratic. Sometimes I get my period and then I don’t for months and months and months and then I get it, which is really confusing. These flushes just come out of nowhere and you feel so embarrassed by them as you feel like everyone knows they are happening. Normally they don’t but you just can’t tell. Anyway, it’s those uncontrollable flushes that literally come out of nowhere that just freak me out a bit. It’s literally like I am on fire. The night sweats are very uncomfortable too, as they just wake you up all the time and you have a really bad night’s sleep and wake up and don’t feel rested. There’s been issues with weight gain for me and water retention. Added to that I suffer confidence issues and anxiety issues because I feel really out of control.’


What is your favourite Become product?

‘I love the long sleeve t-shirt. I’m very much a sleeves girl. So, I’d wear something like this in the day, maybe with jeans. But I think the loungewear is very important. It’s sporty so you can wear it to the gym, but it’s also great for hanging around the house and it just feels so comfortable.


What are three things that are helping you and your menopause?

1. f I haven’t had a good night’s sleep then rather than have coffee which just spikes your sugar levels, I turn to water and I feel a benefit.

2. I plug my headphones into my phone and listen to a meditation app or a calming piece of music. It’s good to take 5 to 10 mins to re-centre.

3. I find exercise a big help. It removes my stress; it boosts my confidence and just helps me get rid of anxiety that’s kicking around. And it helps with the weight gain too.


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