Launching Meg's Menopause at Home House

Oh wow! What a night! We had the most amazing time helping Meg Mathews launch her site Meg’s Menopause.

Meg has been an absolute powerhouse in bringing the menopause, and all its trials and tribulations, to the mainstream from speaking candidly on Loose Women and Lorraine, to her regular column in Red, we’ve forgotten what life was like before her honest voice was in this space. This week we rang in her successes with the official launch party of her site and she did not disappoint. Hosted in the boujix Home House members club we were joined by the stars of the screen such as Tamara Beckwith, Jo Wood and Andrea McLean were even treated to delicious cocktails courtesy of Hoxton Gin.

Meg’s Menopause is a bountiful resource of witty and candid insight into some of the more difficult elements of the menopause, with well researched contributions too. Meg runs through each of the common menopause symptoms giving a personal account of how they have affected her and the methods she used to help manage them. This is your all-in-one resource for learning tried and tested tactics to manage anxiety and depression, mood swings, hot flushes and more from Meg and a selection of trusted professionals. I’m personally a huge fan because it’s been refreshing to hear her honesty and it’s made us all feel so much more relieved to know it was just me going crazy!

Check out the #megsmenopause hashtag to see all the pics from the night but here is our fave!

Meg is talking across social media too so get involved with the conversations through her channels t/i/f @megsmenopause



  • I feel like I’ve been in a bad mood for 5 years! I left my husband and took my 2 kids who are now 18 and 16 …5 years ago and suddenly developed raging mood swings and felt so Nasty and bitter crying all the time and basically feeling like I lost the will to live, I was suicidal … then mum died and I fell out with my sister and best friend and felt total loneliness … my kids think I’m a psycho and frankly… they may be right… im taking HRT patches and although I don’t have sweats etc my nurse recommended them for my moods and to help with depression, they kinda take the edge off but I still feel like I’m going mad…. I wake up each morning like Groundhog Day and wonder what’s my purpose…. my friend discovered Megs website and introduced it to me I’ve just spent some time reading all your post and I must say they have been the best comfort because unless you have experienced anything like this it’s hard to make people understand and your right it’s not for the want of sympathy it’s having that comfor that your not alone and your not going mad … thanks Chrissie x

    Posted by Chrissie Bennett | February 19, 2019
  • It’s so good that Meg is making more people aware the Menopause has been treated like a dirty secret or a incurable disease that knowone wants to mention
    I was forced into the menopause through a hysterectomy 2 years ago and thought I was litterly going mental .My whole life changed personality ,body , confidence everything I remember sitting outside a supermarket scared to get out of my car because of a anxiety attack .As a very confident woman whose managed and run business and brought up 2 children this was mental
    Unfortunately I can’t take HRT but I have used herbal products I can’t really drink anymore as I’m always so ill after and energy is no existent
    When I watched Meg on Loose women I thought yes yes yes someone dares speak out about this it’s tough it is a change of life but it’s not over !!
    We don’t need sympathy we’re not dying we are still alive just need a little patience and support
    Meg’s page and website is giving us this ???

    Posted by Dawn Hosmer | January 17, 2018
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