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Lisa Snowdon's Top Tips For Self-Care In Menopause

Written by Zoe Griffin


Posted on August 21 2019

We're always on the lookout for hints, tips and advice on ways to look after ourselves during the menopause. So we're really happy that our lovely brand ambassador Lisa Snowdon has some amazing words of wisdom to share with us all.

When we shot Lisa for her Lisa Loves campaign where she picked her favourite items of Anti-Flush clothing (shop those picks here), she gave us some tips about how she coped with the menopause - from aromatherapy to mindfulness apps. Watch the video below for the full lowdown:




So if you're struggling, consider making some small changes to look after yourself. Have you tried Lisa's suggestions:

1. Meditation Apps

2. Writing Lists

3. Saying yes to things you want to do rather than saying yes to everything

4. Baths and candles

5. Aromatherapy - ie spritzing some essential oils to ground you


If you're feeling inspired by these tips, you may want to shop her favourite Anti-flush clothing items. She's worn the following products and has picked them for her Lisa Loves edit.

Lisa Snowdon's favourite menopause clothing

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 We'd love to hear your top tips for looking after yourself and making yourself feel calmer during menopause. Please join and post on our closed supportive Facebook group, The Chilled Menopause. It's packed with women in the same situation, sharing symptoms and advice.



  • Hi
    A few top tips:
    Get a bed fan called B-Fan – it has helped a lot during the night sweats.
    Tell people you’re going through the menopause and how you feel – can this really be a taboo subject after thousands of years?!
    Have as much ME time as you want – stay in bed and watch rubbish telly. Think of it as being pregnant but without the baby. these 2 ladies are great.

    Posted by Gail Shaw | November 13, 2019
  • I have recently set up a support group for menopausal ladies. We currently have 150 members and are growing in numbers every day. Are you interested in hearing more about us? If so please call me. Karen 0788 432 8827. Please call : do not email. If I don’t answer please leave a voicemail and I’ll call you back when convenient. Thanks.

    Posted by Karen Ashworth | October 03, 2019
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