Menopause by Numbers

Right we've covered off the fluffy stuff, now it’s time to get down to the numbers - here is Become's Meno-maths:


51 - The average age a woman reaches menopause in the UK. According to research by University of Oxford, the average age hasn’t changed in 2,000 years despite the fact that girls are starting their periods earlier


45 - The average age that women start perimenopause. 1% of women in the UK will start perimenopause under 40 and 0.1% under 30


80% - 8 in 10 women will experience symptoms during perimenopause and 45% of those will find those symptoms difficult to deal with (we hear you sisters!)


2 - It is possible to get pregnant during menopause so you’re advised to keep using contraception 2 years after your last period if you’re under 50 and 1 year if you’re over 50


2015 - The first year NICE issued guidelines on diagnosis and management of the menopause


104 - The number of publications the government reviewed to produce it’s report- Menopause Transition: effects on women’s economic participation published in 2017


8 - The number of common symptoms listed by the NHS to signify the menopause


3.5m - Number of women over 50 in the workplace


25% - The number of women who considered leaving their job because of the menopause


66% - Percentage of women who said they don’t feel they have support for the menopause at work


2 - Number of colours in the Become range to help you manage your hot flush!! :)


79% - of our customers said that the Become tank managed the symptoms of their Hot Flush



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