Menopause Is Fueling a Movement

The recent article Menopause Is Fueling a Movement in Ms. Magazine, written by the brilliant Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, highlights the growing movement around menopause, driven by influential figures and activists.

A new, modern menopause movement is underway, mobilized by a diverse coalition of doctors, journalists, and social and racial justice activists, and through the openness of influential leaders including Michelle Obama, Tracee Ellis Ross and Oprah Winfrey, among others.

The article details the renewed focus on menopause research, policy, and workplace accommodations, spurred by legislative efforts and cultural shifts. The article underscores the importance of government-funded research, workplace policies, and consumer protection in the booming menopause wellness industry. With high-profile support and increased awareness, the movement aims to address the health and well-being of midlife women comprehensively.

Read the full article here: Ms. Magazine







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