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Our Hot Flush Superhumans!

Written by Anna Butterworth


Posted on March 11 2019

We always knew that hot flushes are top of the news agenda for us most days but the topic is gracing the black and white print of the daily news recently thanks to the honest celebrities opening up about their Menopause experiences.

A few weeks ago we mentioned the Meg Matthew’s launch event for her website Megs Menopuase but a number of other fearless celebs are coming out and talking opening about how the menopause has affected them. The biggest change we can make at the moment in increasing the conversations we’re having around Menopause is to make sure that our peers understand more and we have the connections and networks to help us get through it. This is why we find it so great when celebrities, and women in the public eye talk openly about it, it helps us all to talk about it so here are our hot flush heroes:

Let’s start with Michelle Heaton, not the most likely candidate for a menopause hero because, at just 38, she sits right at the bottom end of the age bracket you’d expect to be menopausal. But Michelle started early after she opted for preventive surgery on finding out she’s BRCA positive - the gene mutation that makes you susceptible to breast and ovarian cancer. Michelle documents her experience in her book Hot Flush: Motherhood, the Menopause and Me. Michelle’s frank approach to how it affected both her personal and professional life is so touching we found ourselves reviving our old Liberty X moves in her honour! (not something we will be sharing any time soon though mind you)


Everyone’s favourite Ruth Langsford recently talked to about how the menopause affected her energy levels which meant it must have been incredibly difficult to wake up at the crack of dawn for This Morning! I don’t know how she did it but her determination to not let it affect her work got her dancing into our hot flush heros list (sorry for the shameless strictly pun!).

Ruth Langsford



Who could forget Davina’s menopause comments?! If you didn’t see it, Davina McCall said that going through the menopause increased her libido. She commented that the changes in her body helped her to feel in touch with her femininity and actually improved her sex life! That doesn’t happen for all women though so we hope it continues to go that way after her recent split from her hubby.

Davina McCall

Reference: Daily Mirror

And of course there is Kay Mellor, the BAFTA Award winning screenwriter who brought the Menopause to the small screen! Girlfriends follows three women as they navigate their evolving responsibilities as the ‘sandwich generation’ (see the shoe for reference), their changing bodies, health and relationships - plus it’s hilarious! If you haven’t seen it yet there is still time to catch up before it gets commissioned for Series 2, which if course it will.

Kay Mellor 

Reference: Northern Life Magazine

Just over a week ago Angelina Jolie, Kim Cattrall and Jennifer Saunders have spoken about the topic on Daily Mail & the Guardian! They've been open about how the menopause 'isn't something to be embarrassed about' and how employers should treat the menopause like pregnancy. Myra Hunter, also featured on the same article conducted a research study that followed 124 women going through the menopause. Wellbeing of Women, one of Become's strategic partners, funded Ms. Hunter's research. It's fantastic to see more funding in women's health, the more we know the more we can do something to help. 

Jennifer Sanders

Reference: Daily Mail

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