Menopause Awareness Video: Who Are You Becoming?

This World Menopause Month let’s celebrate who we are Becoming! We're thrilled to share a video collaboration featuring some incredible voices in the (peri) menopause space.

With everything life throws at us during (peri) menopause, all the physical symptoms and emotional chaos that can arise, and the decisions we make about how to move forward, it can be easy to forget that this is a very important transition– an exciting new phase of life.

How are you stepping out into this next phase? Are you becoming who you once were. Are you starting a new chapter? We invite you to take a moment to reflect and share all that you are becoming here.

We are so grateful to the menopause advocates who shared their stories:

  • Ann Marie McQueen, journalist + founder @hotflashinc
  • Kate Beavis meno awareness + marketing consultant
  • Gabriella Espinosa wellness coach @gabriellaespinosawellness
  • Tamsen Fadel TV Journalist + Anchor @Tamsenfadal
  • Rachel Hughes, Host Perry Talks @themenomemos
  • Maryon Stewart author @maryonstewartmenopause
  • Julie Gordon Founder @bossabarsformenopause
  • Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz @drsuzanne @Menopausecamp
  • Esther Blum, integrative dietitian + author @GorgeousEsther
  • Dr Joy’El Ballard @drjoyel
  • TikTok sensation @Emvexed



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