Hello and Welcome to The New Menopause!

We are Become™, the brand that cares about your experience of the menopause and finds new ways to make it more manageable. We have been working tirelessly for two years to find the best materials possible to help you manage your hot flushes better. Our first range of basics are specifically designed to regulate temperature, wick away moisture keeping you comfortable all day. We are so excited to be bringing this new technology to you, we’d love to hear what you think!

We are changing the conversation around menopause and being honest about how it makes us feel. This is the beginning of the new chapter and we’re excited to be sharing it with you.



  • Hi, I have suffered from peri-menopause for 6yrs and am now going through the menopause. It’s the hot flushes that are the worse, I end up looking like I’ve just got out the shower, hair dripping wet. I carry a baby muslin and wet wipes in my bag all the time. I had to come of HRT as unfortunately they caused hormone related tumours on my liver and as I am also fighting stage 3 Skin Cancer was advised to come of the HRT. Unfortunately my health is not the best as I’m disabled with Arthritis and other health problems. It’s these blinking hot flushes though that get me down, I worry when I go out as I can feel people staring because I’m melting in front of them lol. I have tried all the things on the market – green tea, sage tablets, red clover, black cohash tablets, currently I’m trying the Ladycare magnet. It is slightly helping. I do think we should talk about it more openly though as it’s something every women will go through. Sorry to go on Lol, think I’ve probably said enough ? xx

    Posted by Jacqui | December 01, 2017
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