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DermaTherapy Pillow Case (pack of two)

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Our pillow cases are constructed with innovative fabric technology to improve sleep quality and quantity. Designed to combat night sweats by wicking moisture away from the body, providing a drier, smoother sleep surface. As a result, skin feels cooler and the amount of uninterrupted sleep increases. Our cooling bedding also has a wash-proof antimicrobial treatment. This eliminates odour and keeps the material fresh by locking in any bacteria associated with perspiration.

Independent trials have proven 100% of participants found that it had the ability to keep them cool. 80% had a better night's uninterrupted sleep. Over 90% had reduced sweating. Over 90% found that the bedding had the ability to keep them dry.


Innovative fabric technology 100% success rate in helping users stay cool in an independent study* Reduces eczema– FDA approved (US) and EU approved as a medical device Allergy-free and dust-mite proof with a fabric density of 11.7 microns. The antimicrobial finish, prevents the growth on the fabric of bacteria associated with inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and acne, by more than 99.999% within 8 hours contact. Proven to reduce pressure ulcers in bed-ridden patients.



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