Homeopathy and the Menopause

Homeopathy is a wonderful ally in the menopause because it is designed to naturally support the whole body in the most incredible ways.

Homeopathy works under the premise that aside from the major hormonal shifts happening in our reproductive system, our emotions will also be affected, which can leave us feeling anxious, depressed, irritable and insecure.

Homeopathy is a safe, complete system of medicine that stimulates our own body to use its own healing capacity to rebalance itself, without any side effects.

Which is a stark contrast to conventional, prescribed drugs, which many come with harmful side effects. The incredible advantage of homeopathy is that it is a ‘holistic’ treatment, which means that your homeopath will look at the ‘whole’ of you, as a person and base your chosen remedies for the menopause, based on your whole picture; your sensitivities, your emotions, and any stress or abuse that you may have endured in your life.

Below are a few examples of the many homeopathic remedies used in the menopause;

Calcarea Carbonica

This remedy is ideal for women who experience cold, damp, sweaty and clammy hands and feet, night sweats, abnormal cell growths such as polyps or cysts, heavy periods, irregular and/restless sleep, weight gain, painful sex, fatigued and generally feels quite anxious, particularly about health.

Calcarea carbonica is also great for women who tend to be emotionally confused and physically prone to constipation. These are all signs of the body not absorbing calcium and calcarea carbonica works to help to assimilate calcium more efficiently.


Pulsatilla is a remedy that is ideal for women who are generally oversensitive, experience low moods, pessimistic and highly emotional. The women who benefit from pulsatilla specifically are susceptible to the quality of their food, environment and relationships. Periods tend to be irregular and painful when bleeding does occur and fatigue usually sets in, in the early afternoon.

Sexual intercourse and regular movement are great healing therapies for this type of woman because she needs release emotional energy, otherwise menopausal symptoms will change, shift, move around, which symbolises a lot of trapped energy in the body that is asking to be cleared.


Sepia is a remedy that is great for women who feel a lot of congestion and blockages in the body, which causes the symptoms of hot flushes, fatigue, and lots of sweating. The women who benefit from sepia tends to be very sensitive and anxious in her emotional nature and so tends to compensate this with over functioning i.e. overworking and overly concerning herself with always doing so much, to please others and gain approval. This ultimately causes disconnection from her own body, which causes a weakness in listening to her own feelings, emotions and body sensations.

Women who are in need of sepia tend to have an energy dip in the late afternoon and also loves to be in the sun, so if you do not feel replenished from the heat, then sepia may not be right for your personal needs.


Lachesis is a remedy that holds a great reputation for giving relief to the experience of hot flushes and night sweats. It is also used for the type of woman that has a lot of heat in her womb,due to a lot of unresolved emotional issues.

The type of woman that needs this remedy, always feels better when she is releasing emotional energy, through sexual intercourse, through movement and especially through bleeding, which is why she can generally feel quite irritable just before her period begins. During the menopause, as bleeding becomes more irregular, she will feel more emotional pain, so it is important to keep releasing energy as often as possible.


Sulphur is a mineral that is needed for the functioning of every cell in our body, and it is especially used in treating excess heat in the body. The woman that needs sulphur will often feel very warm and experiences intense hot flushes, night sweats, irregular sleep patterns due to overheating. Sulphur is also great for helping with symptoms such as vaginal dryness and soreness and painful sex.

Women who are in need of sulphur as a remedy for the menopause will experience intense sweet cravings, higher pangs of hunger in the late morning, loose stools that usually occur in the early morning, feelings of fatigue in the early afternoon, often very anxious about her health and interestingly - has a fear of heights!


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