Hypnotherapy in the Menopause

hypnotherapy and the menopause

Hypnotherapy is a powerful technique that can help us to feel emotionally and physically lighter, steadier, calmer and more confident, with a new perspective on the changes that occur in the transition to menopause.

Whilst we do our best to increase our self care when it comes to what we eat, how we exercise and even taking time to try herbal medicine, to help beat the menopause symptoms, rarely do we consider taking the time to heal our mind too. Hypnotherapy focuses attention on certain patterns that may surface in the menopause, such as a deep insecurity about getting older, negative emotions about battling symptoms and any fragile feelings about overall identity as a woman and place in the world.

A hypnotherapy sessions works to bring you into a conscious dream state so your heart rate calms, blood pressure lowers, stress levels fall and relaxation heightens. Here, in this state, the hypnotherapist works to make adjustments in any aspect of your emotional, mental and behavioural patterns, particularly in relationship to the menopause, to help you to manage your stress more effectively and getting a grip on your mood, irritations and overall self confidence.


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