Sex Drive and the Menopause: Low Libido

Menopause Low Sex Drive

Low sex drive can occur from perimenopause through to the menopause. It's usually down to the fluctuating and falling hormone levels that affect how sexually charged we are, as well as how much interest we have in physical intimacy. The good news is that in most cases, a woman can reclaim her sex life back, long into the post-menopause.

Why do we have a low sex drive during the Menopause?

Our sex hormones are made up of oestrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. During the menopause, the balance between all three becomes disturbed. This may result in a decrease in the production of testosterone. Our testosterone is responsible for how we feel, relate to and connect through sex in general i.e. our interest in sex, how we are stimulated by or respond to sex, as well as our experience of orgasm.

Although hormonal changes are likely to affect our sex drive, another important cause can be down to having a stressful lifestyle that might deplete our adrenal reserves. Our adrenal gland is responsible for producing our testosterone hormone. Of course, not all women in menopause face a drop in their testosterone. Some people many find very little change because they manage to maintain good nutrition, an active lifestyle and a frequent relaxation practice.

Low sex drive and your relationships

Many of us lose our urge for sexual pleasure or for physical intimacy because of pain through vaginal dryness and soreness. This can be confusing, frustrating and even somewhat strange, not just for us, but for our partner too. Inevitably this can cause disconnection, insecurities and misunderstandings in our relationships if the experience isn't met with open and honest communication.

What can help with a low sex drive?

It’s so important to see low sex drive as part of a season of change into the ‘new you’, rather than a permanent state of being. Our sexual desires may wax and wane throughout our lives. When we understand what physical changes are happening within, we can empower ourselves to create a relationship with sex that respects where we are now.

It can help to know that a lot of post-menopausal women say that they are experiencing the best sex of their life! The challenges of monthly menstruation and the risk of pregnancy are all no longer relevant – how liberating!

Popular natural remedies for low sex drive

  • Look at the quality of your nutrition 
  • Exercise to circulate energy and increase libido 
  • Try to reduce stress levels in all aspects of your life. Take a look at some of our tips for mindfulness
  • Lubrication is vital – as well as commercial lubricants, coconut oil is a brilliant natural lubricant too
  • Be patient with yourself

If you feel that your low sex drive is having a big impact on your life and your relationships, it may be worth speaking to your GP. They will be able to speak to you about relationship counselling or sex therapy. 


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