Breast Pain in the Menopause: Feeling Tender

breast pain in the menopause

Many of us know what breast pain feels like, because it’s one of the most common symptoms we can experience in the week before menstruation. It’s also common during the menopause, because of the hormonal shifts that are occurring in perimenopause, through to the menopause.

Why do we experience breast pain during the Menopause?

There isn't really an exact science behind the link between breast pain and the season of the menopause. When oestrogen and progesterone are fluctuating and falling, it’s been considered that this in itself can trigger breast tissue to become sore. Also, whilst we are still in perimenopause and menstruating, our progesterone can still rise, which increases the size of our breasts, which can also account for breast pain and soreness.

What does breast pain feel like?

The pain in our breast tissue can feel very sore, sensitive and uncomfortable and women with bigger breasts tend to feel more swelling and heaviness.

Popular remedies for breast pain

  • Make sure your food intake includes plenty of phytoestrogen
  • Always wear a supportive bra, especially when you work out
  • Wear comfortable, soft layers such as a Become vest
  • Place a heating pad on your breasts or take a warm shower
  • Limit caffeinated drinks as these affect the blood vessels which trigger breast pain and swelling
  • Avoid smoking and secondary smoke

What else can help with breast pain?

As breast pain is associated with hormonal change, it’s important to remember that breast pain will settle down once your hormone levels rebalance, normally as you enter into postmenopause.

In the meantime, do try to seek advice from your doctor if your breast pain feels excessive, if there’s some visual discomfort noticeable in your nipple area or if you feel a growth within your breast tissue.


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