How do you Treat the Menopause?

how do you treat the menopause

Fortunately, all menopause symptoms are manageable through lifestyle and diet changes. Using holistic and medical treatments that exist, and depending on your current health state, can relieve and soothe the signs of menopause or manage chronic conditions that occur through the natural ageing of the body.

Here are a few starting points for treating the menopause:

  • Wholesome food such as fruit, greens, root vegetables, salad vegetables, whole grains, and beans play a key role in supporting the body with fibre, energy, vitamins, minerals and mostly importantly, natural phytoestrogens, that can help to stabilise hormone production.
  • Receiving regular sunlight exposure and/or liquid vitamin D can strengthen skin, hair, nail and bone health during the menopause
  • Herbal supplements such as Ginseng, Saw Palmeto, Clary Sage and particularly Black Cohosh has received a lot of recognition for its positive effects on hot flushes
  • Vaginal creams can help to lubricate the vagina and help to prevent dryness/soreness and pain during intercourse
  • Hydrate your body with good quality water each day, being hydrated can help to relieve most symptoms in the menopause
  • Limiting hot spicy food, caffeine (small quantities) and alcohol can help lower the general ‘heat’ in the body considerably
  • Avoiding cigarette smoking and secondary smoke is heavily recommended
  • Enjoy gentle, frequent movement such as walking, yoga and pilates to help circulate energy and blood flow, improve mood, alleviate weight gain issues, reduce hot flushes and night sweats significantly. Be mindful to not overwork your body. 
  • Embrace relaxation techniques that can contribute to enjoying a deeper, more peaceful sleep.  Try meditation, aromatherapy or having a warm bath, before bed.
  • Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a conventional option to boost the level of hormones that are naturally depleting in the menopause, specifically oestrogen. This therapy is available in a few forms such as, pills, creams, gels, skin patches.

Bear in mind that menopause is not a medical condition, it is a natural phase in every woman’s life, so please slow down to listen and care for your body’s essential needs at this time.

If you do want to seek for regular guidance and support, please consult with your doctor or health professional whilst you move through the stages of the menopause.


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