How will I feel after the Menopause?

how will i feel after the menopause

Most women tend to feel really good after the menopause, particularly because the menopause symptoms start to ease off completely, because hormones have stopped fluctuating and falling, and the body can find its new rhythm and balance again, now that the monthly menstrual cycle has entirely stopped, this gives more constant energy to live life.

We can find ourselves feeling more confident, more connected to our body and most importantly, more comfortable in our own skin. The only exception to this, will be taking into account how we each experienced perimenopause and how we each decided to treat our body as we journeyed into the menopause.

For example, if you experienced intense and frequent symptoms, then your body would have been subject to a lot of inner stress to recover from, and if you were taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) then your body will have dealt with a very harsh substance. As you gradually taper down your dosage, your body may struggle to return to, and rely on, its own natural hormone production as it hasn't done so, for a very long time.

It is really important to remember that HRT works to shut down a lot of natural hormone expressions and it creates a more unnatural journey into the menopause, therefore when coming off of HRT, it may trigger some menopause symptoms to surface. This is not to say that this will happen to every woman, the reaction that the body has when coming off of HRT will be different for everyone, just please make sure you are being patient with your body, as well as taking direction from your doctor or health professional to ensure that you find the best possible method to ease off from HRT.

The best way to feel our best after the menopause is to take really great care of ourselves by;

Simply put, the more time, energy and care we give to ourselves whilst our body prepares for the menopause, the better we will feel after the menopause.

If you need further support and guidance for postmenopause, make an appointment to have a discussion with your doctor.


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