Mindfulness in the Menopause

mindfullness in the menopause Mindfulness is a tool that can help to bring our full attention to the present moment and focus on creating a quality of life that can better support our fluctuating moods, emotional reactions and body sensations, whilst journeying through the hormonal changes in the menopause. This awareness can can lower the impact of stress, reduce cortisol levels, provide more restful sleep patterns and create an overall sense of wellbeing.

Why do we need mindfulness in the Menopause?

For most, the menopause is a season of overwhelming change, especially when experiencing menopause symptoms such as night sweats, hot flushes, fatigue, brain fog, hair thinning, mood swings, vaginal dryness etc.

Menopause symptoms can trigger the feelings of losing control, which elevates stress, boosts anxiety levels, and exacerbates the duration, intensity and frequency of symptoms.

The art of mindfulness is the ability to be more present in;

  • Breathing techniques to help relaxation
  • Intuitive lifestyle choices i.e. mindful eating, exercising etc.
  • Uplifting, empowering thought patterns
  • Overcoming resistance to the menopause
  • Choosing compassion, gratitude and kindness towards ourselves
  • Which can all give significant relief to all menopause symptoms

What are the benefits of being mindful in the menopause?

  • Reduce insomnia and anxiety
  • Lower stress levels which reduces hot flushes and night sweats
  • Improves the ability to fall and stay asleep
  • Builds a healthier relationship with our self and others
  • Provides more calmness and compassion with body changes
  • A higher sense of presence and purpose
  • Prevents spiralling ‘negative’ thought and behaviour patterns

What can help with start to be more mindful?

We cannot change that we must enter into menopause, it is a normal part of life and not a medical diagnosis, so it is most helpful to be aware of our inner stress and concentrate on being less judgemental and respond to the menopause from a place of acceptance, not fighting the internal changes that may be occurring.


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