Should I use a Home Menopause Testing Kit?

Home menopause testing kit

Home menopause testing kits are used to measure a woman’s follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) to see if she has entered into menopause. The test uses a urine sample, to test for the volume of FSH. Although in practice, this sounds like a good method, there are various objectives to be aware of if you do want to use a home menopause testing kit;

There is no correlation with FSH levels and menopausal symptoms, simply because the urine sample cannot reflect with it happening elsewhere in the body. This is the same premise for a blood test too. A woman may have a plethora of menopausal symptoms and yet, her FSH level may show signs of a premenopausal state. Or, a woman may have no menopausal symptoms and may well be in her menopause, according to her FSH levels.

Another aspect to consider is if a woman is experiencing irregular periods in her transition to menopause, she may have a regular cycle for a few months and no cycle for a few months, and these inconsistencies will result in FSH levels severely fluctuating. Since the menopause is defined as periods stopping for an entire twelve months, is it mostly unclear what the FSH test is actually looking for, in a defining manner.

Ultimately, a home menopause testing kit can only give insight into FSH levels in any given moment, and whether the level is high or low, actually bares no reflection of the particular phases of the menopause (perimenopausal, menopause or postmenopausal), and therefore can’t be defined by a blood, urine or any routine test.

By all means, speak with your doctor about the menopause, but it is heavily suggested not to use a home menopause testing kit for a marker of the menopause or any official changes to your fertility.



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