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What Are the Signs of Pre-Menopause?

what are the signs of pre-menopause

Pre-menopause is defined as having no symptoms, both in the perimenopause and the menopause phase.

The main sign of pre-menopause is when you are still within your reproductive years i.e. still menstruating, whether that be experiencing irregular or regular periods.

Another sign is when you are having hormonal imbalances and yet, there are no intense or frequent hormone related symptoms or noticeable changes to your body.

This is why, for many reasons, pre-menopause and perimenopause can sometimes get confused for the other, but in truth, they have very different expressions within the body, defined via the menopause symptoms being experienced, or not.

If you need further support and guidance for the menopause, make an appointment to have a discussion with your doctor. 


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