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What are the Symptoms of Early (Premature) Menopause?

what are the symptoms of early menopause


In early menopause, the initial symptom is an irregular period, if the period itself is regular but seemingly heavier or shorter than it was before,  if there is spotting or if there is a heavy bleed after a year of no periods.

Other symptoms of early menopause that women will experience, tend to be the common  menopausal symptoms such as:

Irregular, or no periods

Disturbed sleep patterns

Night sweats

Hot flushes

Brain fog

Memory loss

Reduced libido

General fatigue

Joint pain

Breast soreness

Vaginal dryness

Weight changes

Dry, itchy skin

Thinning hair

These symptoms are all a sign that oestrogen in the body is fluctuating and falling. Depending on lifestyle and the condition of health, physical symptoms will vary in duration, intensity and frequency, whilst adjusting to producing lower oestrogen levels. Unfortunately, if a woman experiences one entire year without her period this signifies an end to fertility, which is a huge concern for younger women desiring to be pregnant.

As well as the physical symptoms, there will also be emotional symptoms, such as feelings of anxiety, depression, mood swings and short temperament. All of the changes, whether it be physical or emotional, calls for us to connect to our body’s needs and provide supportive self care as much as possible.

If you need further support and guidance for early menopause symptoms, make an appointment to have a discussion with your doctor


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