A University of Leicester Study Proves Our Products Work

“It really helped to reduce the number and severity of my hot flushes. It gave me the confidence as I put one on each day, that even if I had a hot flush, I could trust it to help me reduce my symptoms and cool me down again quicker than without it so I could get on with my day. It was like a bit of armour.”

This is a quote from someone who tried one of our vest tops in an independent study by the University of Leicester.

We’re pretty pleased with that. But that’s not all. It’s just one of many piece of positive feedback that we received in the study focusing on the effects that wearing a vest top had on 59 real women’s hot flushes and night sweats.

What makes us even more happy is that 91% of people said our vest tops were effective at reducing sweating. For more than 9 out of 10 people, our clothes are life changing. (You can shop the range here). Another consumer tester said: “At the start of the study I honestly didn’t believe that the vest could make any difference. I was very, very sceptical, but I [am] happy to have been proved wrong!”

Whether or not you’re good with numbers, it’s easy to see that the findings of the study were overwhelmingly positive. Key points are:




Also, 80% of the participants confirmed they would recommend the vest tops to others experiencing hot flushes and night sweats.


    Even the professors conducting the survey were impressed by how well our product worked. Professor Brewis of The Open University comments that; “The main aim of this study was to identify how the Become product works to alleviate key symptoms of the menopause in each of the following stages: early perimenopause, late perimenopause and early post menopause, and how effective it is in doing so. The results have shown that a high majority of women could benefit from wearing Become, with an overwhelming amount identifying a reduction in sweating and feeling of heat. As such, we conclude that the vest top could be an invaluable tool for anyone experiencing hot flushes and night sweats.”

    The study was carried out with 59 women who were invited to document their hot flushes and night sweats daily through a mobile app for 28 days, introducing the Become vest top on the 15th day. The results are a comparison of the two ten-day periods, assessing how the tank top affected each woman’s hot flushes and night sweats. An exit survey was completed by all participants after day 28 and consisted of 32 questions relating to wearability (comfort, and ease of wearing), effectiveness (confidence in managing menopause symptoms, change in heat, sweat and chill), affordability and brand communications.

    Let’s finish with a few more lovely quotes from the testers:


    “Just to say thank you for introducing me to your products. I feel as though my life can go on”

    “Menopause is hell but these vests have really really helped. I love them”

    “It’s actually incredibly comfortable and makes my starchy work uniform feel comfy”

    “I’m not bothered about wearing any sleep wear, I just wear my vest now!”


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