Our Story "Behind the Seams"

As Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Day* both take place this week, we'd like to take the opportunity to share more of the story "behinds the seams" of how our clothing is made. 

Become is powered by MAS Holdings, a multinational award-winning apparel manufacturer recognized globally for its commitment to sustainability, ethical business practices, and women’s empowerment. The MAS Plan for Change is a company-wide sustainability strategy aimed at creating a positive impact for the people that work at MAS, the planet, and the way their products are made.

        Lives Changed for Good

        Since its inception in 2003, MAS Women Go Beyond program has provided training and professional development opportunities for 4 million through:

        • World Class Workplaces: promoting better work-life balance by providing childcare facilities on site, as well as support for employees with disabilities.
        • Empowering Women by providing skills development, career advancement,  and promoting women to management roles. The goal is to have 30% of women in management positions.
        • Thriving Communities: employees receive training in health and wellbeing, gender based violence prevention, and participate in many corporate citizenship projects in their communities.

        Planet Changed for Good

        Committed to minimizing its environmental footprint, MAS focuses on five key areas:
        • Transforming Waste: 63% of non-hazardous waste has been recycled, reused, or up-cycled.  The goal is 100% by 2025. 
        • Responsible Chemical Use: Be zero toxic in all products and processes
        • Safeguarding Water:  36% reduction in water usage per kilo of product in textiles, knitting and elastics manufacturing. The goal is to educe our water intensities by 65% by 2025
        • Limiting Emission: Reduce emissions to achieve 25% reduction by 2025.
        • Championing Biodiversity: 9,651 acres of habitats have been restored. The goal is to restore biodiversity in 100x the space occupied by MAS manufacturing facilities. Notable projects include: 
          • Preserving biodiversity by protecting habitats on over 500 acres across 27 locations 
          • Clearing the Bundala National Park of invasive plants species and establishing a biodiversity conservation hotspot within its factory premises. 

        Products Changed for Good

        As part of its “Products Made Better” program MAS aims to have 50% of its  revenue generated through sustainable products by 2025:
        • Innovating Product Design to last longer, use less resources, and to be recyclable after use.
        • Sourcing Sustainably with organic, natural, and recycled raw materials.
        • Pioneering Circularity at Scale to close the loop by using post-consumer waste to make new products.


        *Fashion Revolution is both an annual event and a global movement working towards a fair, safe, clean, sustainable and transparent fashion industry. It was founded in 2013 in response to the Rana Plaza disaster.



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