Become™’s Top Tips for Winter Layering with Fashion Expert Evey

Become and Evey Kurlander
Hello, I’m Evey. Fashion agent, stylist, and television presenter on QVC. I specialise in styling for ladies over forty and have a true passion for fashion. Moreover, I’m delighted to sit on Become™'s panel of experts to give you some tips and ideas for wearing your Become vests.

So November is already here, beckoning the end of the year. It brings with it shorter days and longer nights, alongside colder temperatures outside – which may well be the polar opposite to our own internal body thermometers! 

Taking your clothes off – comfortably 

What challenges me most about the Winter months is dressing up warmly to face the day, only to find myself stripping it all off when I get hot. So how can I avoid looking like a hot mess? (And when I say ‘hot’, I’m not talking about looking sexy, more like soggy and bedraggled!). What we need to do here is layer. I invite you to embrace layering by choosing lightweight and breathable clothes that are not restrictive or suffocating and are made from natural fibres. Working at home in my bra is fine, but not really possible when in a room full of people! And take, for example, an unfortunate and awkward time for me when I recently travelled on the tube to meet a client for work. I dressed up, as I wanted to be smart for the meeting and it was cold outside too. But what I didn’t think of is that the underground is already quite warm and a packed carriage is even hotter with everyone else’s body heat! I actually came very close to fully stripping off on the Northern Line – so I will, in future, be more mindful of appropriate dressing when travelling on the Underground in the Winter months. Note to self, do not wear wool, polo necks, or heavyweight fabrics, whatever the weather forecast predicts.

Evey Khaki Jacket 
Winter layering – the lowdown

So how do you layer your clothing in a way that won’t leave you all hot and bothered?

  1. The best way to start layering is to carefully choose your foundation layer. A vest top is perfect, as you will be both comfortable and happy to be seen in public, should you need to strip off! A camisole vest can be very pretty and many styles feature feminine lace detailing, or choose a simple, sleeveless vest top from Become™ – like the black one I've chosen to wear in these pictures. Another option is a bias-cut maxi slip dress, over which you can loosely add layers, which will look equally lovely worn on its own.

  2. On colder days, you may need a second layer and a gilet or shirt can work very well. They're easy to wear with trousers, dresses or skirts (see below for styling tips). Otherwise, if the weather allows, just stick to outerwear. A jacket or coat may be all you need to pop on over your vest top, or slip dress. 

  3. If you still need something extra, scarves are my new best friend. They can add warmth if needed and can complete an outfit, as well as offering colour and print. They’re also easy to put on and take off.

  4. As for your bottom half, cropped culottes, trousers or jeans are all easy-to-wear options and can be teamed with flats, ankle boots or trainers. And don't forget your super-comfy Become™ knickers

  5. Loose-fitting loungewear is another alternative. It can look very stylish, and is extremely comfortable. It’s often lightweight and breathable too. 

  6. And one last tip – if you favour to flash a sliver of skin, like many fashion editors, it can be deliciously cooling to bare your ankles!

Plaid Shirt and Become Vest

No jumper required

Just lately, I’ve found a couple of gorgeous shirts in plaid and check, which are in keeping with this Winter’s fashions, plus give a nod to the Balmoral trend. I’ve also spotted some great metallic gilets and lightweight military-style jackets, which can equally be worn as shirts (either open, or closed). My personal preference is to wear scarves and throws, as opposed to heavy-weight coats, whilst I can still get away with it. As the temperatures dip further, I will seek out a poncho, preferably zipped, which can easily be taken off. I really am mindful of wearing breathable fabrics as the lighting on set at QVC can be quite hot. During these hot times I tend to dress and undress quite often, but luckily for me I have always managed to stay fully dressed whilst on air!  

Eveie Metallic Gilet and Become Vest

I do hope that you have enjoyed my blog, which gives you some hints and tips for how to style your vest, as well as the benefits of layering, as we head into Winter. Do get in touch with any outfit ideas that I have tempted you to try.

Enjoy – and keep cosy but comfortable.

With love as always

Evey x

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