Become Wins “Breaking the Stigma” Award

We’re honored to have been recognized in the World’s First Menopause Awards sponsored by Gen-M. We won the HIGHLY COMMENDED award in the “Breaking the Stigma” category for Become’s Cool Confidence campaign. 

The campaign challenges the representation of the menopause by showing a diverse group of women empowered to “keep their cool” and manage some of the most debilitating menopausal symptoms naturally with Become’s patented Anti Flush clothing.

In line with our mission of inclusivity, we introduced a full plus size range across our assortment of daywear, sleepwear, and underwear–and cast the campaign with women of diverse sizes and ethnicities.

We are proud to have been the first in the market to launch a menopause specific clothing line that provides immediate non medical relief for the top symptoms of the menopause: hot flushes + night sweats. We’re committed to developing innovative Femtech solutions to bring normalcy to women’s lives, and also launched a new line of leak-proof knickers in order to provide relief for two more menopausal symptoms: irregular periods and urinary incontinence.
We are proud to be among fellow pioneering brands and organizations dedicated to transforming how society in general perceives this important life stage: Boots, Menopause Mandate, Allbright, Weight Watchers, Womaness, MPowder, Elle Sera, Amazon UK,



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