Redefining the Middle Third with Liberty Road

Become was thrilled to have its Los Angeles debut at the Redefine the Middle Third immersive experience curated by Liberty Road. The event featured workshops, intimate talks, live Q&As, mingling, and shopping within a hidden oasis in LA's Highland Park neighborhood.

The purpose of the day was to delve into questions many individuals contemplate but may not openly discuss: What does the middle third signify? What’s my purpose? How do I make time for what matters? Am I the only one yearning for more? A variety of took the stage to shed light on these topics.

The day commenced with insightful wisdom from Faith Blakeney, followed by a discussion on changing the midlife narrative with Wendy Euler and Rachel Huges. Career and life coach Emma Whittard guided participants in exploring their personal aspirations. Attendees then had the opportunity to browse the marketplace shop bands in the midlife space (including Become:) and enjoy refreshments before Celeste Liversidge, Amy Swift Crosby, and April Uchitel engaged in an on-stage conversation about the complexities of contemporary work life. 

Dr. Pam King uplifted attendees with her workshop on purpose and intention as the day unfolded. Later, groups delved into a range of subjects, including fitness, menopause, health, creativity, career, entrepreneurship, relationships, and advocacy work, led by Dr. Melissa Symington, Michele Canon, Jan McCarthy, and the quartet of Celeste, Amy, April, and Rachel.

The evening culminated with a conversation featuring New York Times bestselling author Elise Loehnen, who reflected on how patriarchal norms have conditioned women addressed the collective effort required to change the narrative. 




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