Listen To Three Special Celebrities Talking #GetLippy And The Eve Appeal

Throughout the month of May, we’re taking part in the #GetLippy campaign by the Eve Appeal charity. We’ve committed to donating 10% of the sales of our vest tops to the Eve Appeal and we’re also supporting their mission to raise awareness for women’s health, in particular the fives types of gyane cancer: womb, vaginal, cervical, vulval and ovarian.

Cancer can appear at any age but its much more common in older people. According to Cancer Resarch, almost 9 in 10 cancer cases in the UK are people aged 50 or over. With that sobering statistic, it’s more important than ever to listen to our bodies and to speak up if something doesn’t feel right.

But don’t just take our word for it, here are three influential women giving us good reasons why we need to be vocal if we are to survive gynae cancers.


Helen Lederer


We loved Helen in Absolutely Fabulous, she behaved impeccably in the chaos of the Celebrity Big Brother house and she talks a lot of sense about women’s health in the video above.

Key highlights to take away are:

Examine yourself

It may not be as straightforward as examining your breasts but it can be done if you know what’s normal for you. Look out for things that don’t feel right with your stomach / bladder / vagina and seek medical advice if something changes.

Put yourself first

Go to the doctors as soon as you notice something wrong. The earlier it’s caught, the better the survival rate. At the very least you may be told nothing is wrong, which is always good to hear.


Gynae cancer is still not as talked about / researched as breast cancer. Get Lippy month is a chance to change this. You could join in with Get Lippy day on 17th May by wearing bold lipstick, blowing a kiss to friends on social media and then donating £5 to charity by texting EVELIPPY to 70577. See more about this on the Eve Appeal's website. You could also shop one of our vest tops and we'll donate 10% on your behalf.


Dr Ellie Cannon

She’s the Mail on Sunday’s resident GP and she often pops up as a medical expert on TV but she still finds time to work as a GP at a surgery in London where she has treated women with gynae problems. From her video, we picked out:


Get comfortable with the names of parts: vulva, vagina, cervix. Use the correct terminology to explain your symptoms and it’ll be easier to get a diagnosis.


Don’t be afraid to go to the doctor as soon as you notice that something is wrong. Early diagnoses save lives.


Annie Foulds

As a PT and fitness influencer, Annie spends her days teaching women to be healthy. In her video she explains why its so important for us to take care of our bodies because:

There are no second chances

If you don’t look after your health, you will die. We can’t prevent cancer but if we catch it early enough we can cure it or manage it.

 Of your friends and family

Women often find it difficult to put themselves first. But we are the tree that connects friends and family and we need to be healthy to keep all that going. If we don’t look after ourselves then we can’t look after others.


We are all braver and stronger than we give ourselves credit for so let's use our inner strength to banish the stigma around talking about our bodies. We're starting to do that with our menopause symptoms by using groups like The Chilled Menopause to talk with like-minded women so let's keep the conversations going!

Visit the Eve Appeal's website to learn more about their work raising awareness and researching the five main types of gynae cancer.









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