No-Year Resolutions

This time of year can bring pressure to change. To make resolutions. To re-write the wrong. To be a new you.  We’re here to give you an alternative mindset for 2023  with two things: setting intentions over resolutions, and thinking about what we’re saying “NO” to this year. 

We’re proud to join the the award winning Clementine App + some awesome brands like Jude, Unfabled, Women of Wearables, Ashe London, and hypnotherapists Becca & Charlotte, to start a movement of sorts in offering a perspective where you can say NO before you start saying yes.

Read the manifesto here + comment here about your “No-Year Resolutions”! 

2023 is the year of less. It’s the year of intentions over resolutions. It's the year of saying no to the stuff that doesn't make you feel good, and yes to the stuff that does. Why add more to our to-do lists in order to "be a better person?" We think you're bloody brilliant just as you are. But if you want to do things to make you feel better, then why not start by de-cluttering your life with all of the sh*t that makes you feel bad to start.

Basically, we're saying no to more. Join us.



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