Staying Cool with the Menopausal Mayhem Mother

As you find your way through the joys of midlife, Emma Skeates, author of the best selling book, Confessions of the Menopausal Mayhem Mother will make you laugh until you cry and help you realise you are not alone in this challenging, hysterical, and often ridiculous journey that is the menopause. But seriously, we all know hot flushes are not that funny when you're having them... Emma tried some our our anti flush styles to alleviate her hot flushes, and we think you'll appreciate her humorous report. Here's what she said:

My name is Emma Skeates - the voice behind the Menopausal Mayhem Mothers. I went into the surgical menopause 7 years ago and my journey has been a somewhat fascinating one! From chronic anxiety, debilitating insomnia and the joys of the famous but flawing hot flushes! They’re a load a fun aren’t they?!

I noticed a product on Facebook called Become which claimed they could not only minimise the effects of the hot flushes but also regulate a woman’s temperature whilst she was “mid steam”. Now, I am a huge sceptic with these kinds of things, so I thought, let me try one item and give them a chance. I chose the nightie as I thought it might help with the night sweats as well.

The product arrived very efficiently and I actually looked forward to getting into bed that night as all my other nightwear was either too hot or the cooler things didn’t exactly “stay in place” shall we say.

Well, I was blown away by my first experience with my navyAnti-Flush Night Dress. Firstly, it was SO soft and gentle against my skin, which personally I have a problem with as it dries a lot during the menopause. Once in bed, the garment actually moved with my body and did not snag or have to be wrenched around my ever expanding boobs or waistline! Then came the first hot flush. Always a joy as you are trying to relax into slumber. Well, this product most certainly does what it says on the tin, it seemed to ‘spring into action’ and I felt an instant cooling feeling against my skin and the sweat that would normally be pouring off me was being absorbed. It was an incredible but also a wonderfully reassuring feeling.

I slept that night beautifully without being awoken by the night sweats. I have to be honest, I expected to wake up in the morning with the poor vestie smelling of my sweat, but no! I was as fresh as a daisy!

Well, if this garment could give me this confidence and reassurance in the privacy of my own home, imagine what it could do when you were standing in the queue at the supermarket and on comes that good old feet up heat up.

Emma Skeates in the Anti Flush T
I took the Anti-Flush T-Shirt on a test run and sure enough, not only did I feel SO much more confident that I wasn’t going to be doused in perspiration but I also wasn’t going to need my emergency deodorant! I had several hot flushes whilst waiting with my mask on – always adds to the anxiety – the good old COVID mask, but I felt no embarrassment or paranoia at all, and sure enough, by the time I had checked out and left, I was dry as a bone and cool as a cucumber………………… and darn it, I knew I had forgotten something!

Become is a masterpiece of menopausal engineering, sadly, it doesn’t help with the memory loss so I had to go back in to the shop for the cucumber……………………

I would recommend this range of amazingly comfortable and effective, stylish and sultry clothing to any menopausal woman. It looks great and feels even better.



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