Tips for Managing Menopause During the Holidays

Managing menopause during the holiday season can be challenging with so many social and family commitments. We’ve put together some tips to help you keep your cool and manage (peri)  menopausal symptoms during the holidays. 


The holiday season is supposed to be full of festive fun and quality family time. However, we are often responsible for making the “fun” happen. Planning, travel logistics, meal prep and finding the perfect gifts can add stress to our already busy lives.  To avoid feeling frazzled, try not to take on too much yourself. Get the whole family involved, delegating tasks and accept help to lighten your load.

Limit Alcohol and Caffeine 

Holiday parties can be full of spirits and bubbly, but unfortunately alcohol consumption has been linked to increased hot flashes in some (peri) menopausal women, and can seriously mess with our sleep. Even though alcohol might seem to help us get to sleep, it often disrupts our sleep patterns causing us to wake multiple time through the night. The same goes for that after-dinner coffee. Try to limit alcohol and caffeine, drink plenty of water and  non-alcoholic beverages in between and replace coffee and other caffeinated drinks with herbal tea.

Plan Your Plate

Enjoy holiday parties and meals are full of rich foods and desserts but try to add more veggies to your plate to balance things out. Bring healthy options to share at a potluck. Use a smaller plate and don’t go back for seconds.

Put Self Care on Your To Do List

The hustle and bustle during the holidays can mean more triggers for stress. And if you’re trying to manage menopause, then added stress is the last thing you need. Try to fit in a short meditation, a bit of yoga or stretching, focused breathing, and even a nap  to help you relax and restore. 

Make Sure to Move

Exercise can act like a “chill pill” so it’s very important to keep moving during menopause. Research show that regular exercise improves mood as it releases neurotransmitters like endorphins, serotonin and dopamine – often called feel-good hormones– that can help suppress adrenaline and cortisol. Moving for 20-30 minutes can help bring them back down to more manageable levels. So make sure to move– whether it’s a walk, a quick session on a work out app,  or even  strutting your stuff on the dance floor.

Dress Smart

Dressing up for the holidays and be tough when you’re worried that unpredictable hot flashes might ruin your outfit. Pesky sweat patches on your silk blouse is not the look we’re after!  You can still feel put together by dressing in layers that are easy to take off if you heat up, and make sure to prioritize comfort.  Start with one of out Anti-Flush tops that can be dressed up available in a festive Botanical Green color for the holidays.

Breathe Deep

You’ve got the table set and the tinsel up, but the lunch still isn’t ready… and you can feel the panic set in! But rather than rushing around in a panic, make sure to take a few moments for yourself. Even just stopping and closing your eyes to focus for a minute or two has been proven to slow down your pulse and calm your body. We’ve got lots more tips here on how mindfulness can help with menopausal symptoms, particularly when you’re feeling the heat.

Sit Back + Enjoy

Yes, the holidays can add stress to your life. But, when all is said and done, the focus should be on spending time with the people you care most about. So, try to take some time to sit back and soak it all in. Appreciate the fruits of your hard work and share some laughs and good times with friends and family.



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