We're Proud to be M-Tick✓ Approved

We're proud that our Anti-Flush and absorbent panties are now M-Tick✓ approved.

The "menopause-friendly" symbol was introduced by Gen-M, an organization working to make menopause a more positive experience for everyone, with the help of its founding partner Boots. The idea is to help customers make better informed choices when buying products to support them through the menopause. 

According to a Gen-M study, 90% of menopausal women say brands should be more inclusive to menopause, 87% feel overlooked by brands, and 91% have never seen any specific marketing for menopause products.

GenM co-founders Heather Jackson and Sam Simister are on a mission to make the menopause tick as recognizable as the vegan V in five years’ time.

The M-Tick will only be displayed on menopause-friendly products that help one of the 48 symptoms of menopause and meet Gen-M’s strict criteria. 

At its core, this symbol is an acknowledgment that menopause is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Women need choice.



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