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Happy New Year Ladies! I am Evey. Fashion agent, stylist and television presenter on QVC. I specialise in styling for ladies over forty and have a true passion for fashion. Moreover, I’m delighted to sit on Become's panel of experts, to encourage women use style to help them through menopause and get their confidence back. This month’s blog is all about the ‘Athleisure’ trend.


So, what is 'Athleisure'?

'Athleisure’ is one of my favourite styles – it's basically wearing your workout clothes outside of the gym. The trend became popular back in A/W 2014, when the world decided that leggings and a hoodie could be worn in a fashion-forward way. (Thank you, Vogue.) I started to wear the look as I liked the comfort and style factor, plus I appeared to be a committed gym bunny (even though I didn’t step foot in one until Summer 2018!). But this willingness to take sporty essentials out of the studio and off to school gates and coffee shops is why athleisure has become so popular. Seen all over the world and worn by celebrities, fashion bloggers and influencers, it’s very accessible to you and I thanks to the many designers, like Become™, who have translated the trend from catwalk to high street. And the good news is you don’t need to work out to wear it!

Every Amery Kurlander

How to Buy Athleisure That Looks Good

You may already have a piece or two of workout wear in your clothing drawer. It’s definitely worth considering cost per wear when buying – high-quality pieces are always worth the money in my eyes. Cheaper leggings have a tendency to be more see-through and can even become transparent with regular washing. This isn’t ideal! Other key items are vest tops, hoodies, jackets and trainers. You may also want to get a good sports bra if you are exercising. By pairing Become’s 
leggings and vests with some of my other wardrobe staples, I can easily style my very own athleisure outfit. And now to help you style yours...

I’m super excited that Become have added leggings into their fashion offering. They’re made out of the gorgeously soft and seamless fabric that we have come to know and love. But these are no ordinary leggings. The Anti-Flush feature works hard to keep hot legs cool by wicking away moisture. The high waist is a great bonus for keeping tummies in check, plus added Spandex ensures that these leggings really do create the most amazing silhouette. Simple black leggings are a must-have in any wardrobe and a great fallback when styling. Wearing monochrome – so adding in a black top – is also very flattering. I’ve stockpiled a fair few pairs of leggings over the years, including a number with interesting detailing, such as contrast mesh fabric or a shiny panel. Anything goes, as I do wear them out of the gym a lot more than inside!

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Vest tops are so versatile and make an excellent foundation layer for any outfit, whether it’s for the gym or going out shopping, worn under a jacket. A vest top is the obvious choice for a workout – especially as so many styles these days incorporate clever moisture-wicking properties like those from Become™. But if you’d rather keep your arms covered, try a regular T-shirt shape, or a long-sleeved T-shirt instead. They’re so easy and comfortable for everyday wear. A simple top, whether it’s a vest or a T-shirt, can form the basis of a fabulous athleisure outfit. You can style it up in whatever way you like, adding leggings and a hoodie, or throwing over a sweatshirt with mesh panels or a cut-out shoulder on braver days.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts
A plain old hoodie may do the trick in the comfort stakes, but if you’re wanting to up your game in the style stakes, why not try something new? I enjoy wearing hoodies with zip features or a cut-out detail at the shoulders. Alternatively, try a cropped hoodie over a long-layered vest top or one with a dropped sleeve – a loosely styled sweatshirt can easily be worn in and outside of the gym and will look gorgeous over leggings or skinny jeans.

I do like a fitted gym jacket, but this is a personal choice to me – and I often keep my jacket on at the beginning of my workouts until I am warm enough. I love long sleeves that are finished with the thumb hole as part of the sleeve, which is a popular trend seen in both leisurewear and knitwear too. If fitted jackets are not your choice, there are many looser styles, for example, a sporty bomber jacket. You can wear it in the exactly the same way as a fitted jacket, and it’s less structured for a relaxed fit.

Evey Amery Kurlander

Picking the right trainer is dependent on whether you use them for everyday wear, or a workout. If you are exercising, your feet demand the correct fitting to ensure that your body is properly supported and to avoid any potential injuries. Nowadays many sports shops offer a service to fit your trainers for you. If style is what you’re after, there are many cool trainers on the market depending on your budget. If you’re in the money, or have won the lottery, then Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton all have plenty of amazing trainers to tempt you with! My personal favourites for adding a cool vibe to my outfits are from Mr Kanye West. His Adidas x Yeezy Collections are super cool and feel great to wear, plus my kids are quite happy to post pics of me on their Instagram when I’m wearing them!

Gym accessories are typically limited to headbands, beanies, baseball caps and hair ties. However, if you’re styling an athleisure outfit, your options are unlimited. I am always drawn to leg warmers (I think it stems from being a teen in the eighties and a yearning to be a dancer in Fame!). They’re fun, add colour and texture to your outfit and actually keep your muscles warm. I’m also always on the lookout for quirky gym bags and fun reusable water bottles. Find a funky water bottle you like to use and you’ll also be helping the planet by cutting down on waste from single-use plastic ones.

Whatever outfit you decide to go for, I hope that you’ve enjoyed this month’s blog as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing my styling tips. I wish you a fabulous January. Whether or not you’re keeping fit, you’re sure to be looking fabulous.

With love, Evey xxx

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