Menopause Style Tips: Dressing Cool for a Hot Date with Evey

Become Style Guru Evey Amery KurlanderHello lovely ladies. 

This month my blog is all about ‘dressing cool for a hot date‘, but this can be any date really – be it a fancy dinner out, a lunch with best friends, or a date with yourself to your favourite café, gallery or museum.

So, where to start with dressing cool when you’re menopausal?

As always, we’re looking to choose fabrics that are breathable, lightweight and comfortable, in shapes that are not too restrictive. And as a base layer to any of these outfit ideas, a Become vest or camisole is ideal to wear underneath, with a pair of matching Become knickers. Our specialist clothes are created with a unique nylon and include Anti-Flush Technology™, which works with your body to keep you cool should a hot flush hit, wicks away sweat and is perfect to pair with a skirt or trousers, or to layer over.  

When discussing styling tips with my clients, the first rule of thumb is to identify your body shape, then stick with the outfits that work for you and not against you. Many of my ladies of menopausal age are concerned about having gained weight around the middle or tummy area, so here are a few little reminders if that’s your bugbear too:

  • Try tunics or tops in fabrics that skim away from the body rather than hugging it. Ensure they’re long enough to cover your area of concern – a mid-thigh length is ideal.
  • Styles that have rouched fabric (where the material is gathered) or drape (a loose cut) will help to disguise your least-favourite area.
  • Use patterns, for example an all-over print. Asymmetric tops and tunics with vertical lines are also visually slimming.
  • Choose skirts and trousers with side zips to create a flatter front fit. This will ensure a smoother finish over the tummy area. Avoid pleats, as they will often highlight the waist and hips, as opposed to detract from them.

Become Style Tips with Evey Amery Kurlander

That being said, just because we’re entering the menopause, it doesn’t mean we have to dress in a certain way. We’re still the same as we always were. Although our bodies, for some, if not most, have changed, we need simply to tweak our wardrobes to accommodate our new shape.

Outfit ideas for a date – with yourself, your beloved or best friend

A date is a great time to try something flirty or sexy to showcase what you love about your body. We should be proud of our curves and womanly shapes – inner confidence is sexy and attractive. If, for example, you’ve always loved your legs and still do, but your tummy is rounder, consider a fitted skinny trouser or skirt with a looser top. Team with a pair of heels and you’re good to go. Here are some of my other favourite outfits:

Wearing separates is a great way to look stylish as well as keep cool – its easy should you need to take off a layer or two if you start to feel a flush. The options are endless. Choose from a simple but elegant camisole top or a smart silk shirt with one of Become's vest tops underneath, paired with some fitted trousers, or a flowing maxi skirt. If you prefer something more casual, a timeless T-shirt and jeans can easily be dressed up or down, depending on your venue. You could even dress up a pair of leggings with a long tunic or belted blouse. Once you have your base outfit, all you need to think about are the accessories and footwear to complete your look. Choose what’s right for the occasion – for evening wear, I would go for heels and some fabulous jewellery, with a blazer. For daytime, stick to flats and a denim jacket (denim’s having a huge resurgence for SS19, particularly 'bleached' styles).

Skirts are very romantic to wear for a date, especially in a classic floral print. But don’t be afraid to try something different – team pieces that contrast together, such as a sequin pencil skirt and a biker jacket. Pencil skirts are of the moment and can look great with a loose silk shirt or a Become camisole top. Alternatively, wear a pair of Become leggings as an alternative to thick tights, they have the added benefit of helping should you start to feel flushed. Accessorise with a pair of statement earrings for a night out. And one rule I swear by to elongate leg length is to wear a pair of nude heels. Thereafter, you can always pair down the look with a fine knitted jumper or a simple Become black top for the daytime.

Become Style Tips with Evey Amery Kurlander

Trouser Suits
Another option is a gorgeous trouser suit, with a simple camisole vest top underneath. Don’t be afraid to choose a lighter-weight fabric for the suit, such as silk or viscose jersey. You can also feel confident in that should you need to take your jacket off, you will still look smart wearing just a cami and trousers. I tend to look for camisoles like those from Become, made of silky soft material, with adjustable straps to create the perfect fit.

If you don't already own one, a beautiful shawl or wrap might just be your new best friend. Not only are they an easy layering piece – they can easily be put on or taken off if you feel a surge of heat coming – but they can immediately dress up or down your outfit. If flushes are a particular problem for you, it also might be best to steer away from heavy or statement necklaces, which can be most uncomfortable when you’re feeling hot. Opt instead for a pair of statement chandelier earrings. And finally, if you’re not a fan of colour for your wardrobe, why not add it to your look by means of your make-up or nail varnish? Romantic red nails never go out of style but jewel-toned metallics, glittery shades and soft pinks are all on-trend for Spring 2019.

However you choose to spend Valentine’s Day, enjoy yourselves and post some underneath this blog or on social, so you can share your outfit ideas with us all.

Until next time,

With Love, Evey x

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