Menopause Support That You Need To Know About

We’re back from a busy fortnight at This Morning Live, the Meg's Menopause Conference and the Positive Pause Feel Good Fair and we have news.

Not only did we meet a lot of lovely ladies to get feedback on the clothing (watch out for a separate blog post coming soon) but we saw and spoke to some amazing businesses and doctors who could all help you manage your menopause symptoms better.

There’s more to menopause than hot flushes, we know, so we’ve compiled a list of the people we met that could give you more help with certain issues. Here it is:

Vaginal Dryness

The Yes Organic Intimacy Company – a certified organic plant-based range of natural intimacy products.

Sylk – a naturally silky lubricant offering effective relief to vaginal dryness.


Medical Problems

Dr Shahzadi Harper – Dr Harper (right, pictured with rower Shirley Thompson) takes a holistic and integrative approach to women and the menopause. Lots of advice about balancing hormones. A former NHS doctor, she now has a private clinic on the world famous Harley Street in London.

Dr Louise Wiseman – she’s writing a book called ‘Your Best Life- A Doctor’s Secret Guide To Radiant Health Over 40’. Her website is full of tips from the experts about how to live a long and balanced life and she’s a former NHS GP.

Eve Appeal – dedicated to raising awareness about the five different types of gynaecological cancers (womb, cervix, vaginal, vulval and ovarian) the Eve Appeal’s website is the place to go for symptom checkers and support. If you suspect something isn’t right with your body or notice something changing, its vital to ask for help early.


Health and Wellbeing Advice

Menopause Yoga – Petra is a qualified yoga teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience. She started Menopause Yoga to share the specially adapted yoga poses, breathing techniques and mindful meditation practices that helped her to positively manage her own menopause.

Whitecalm Retreats – Get your life back on track with menopause retreats, tailored to ensure you have all the tools needed to feel in control of your menopause. Day retreats and weekly retreats available

Barreworks  - Vicki Antsey (above) is the founder of Barreworks in Richmond and she’s living, breathing proof of how to lead a healthy lifestyle with a low-impact dancer’s workout. Don’t underestimate the power of dancing in fitness – Vicki recently reached the final of Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins and becaome one of the first ever female recruits to qualify for the programme.

 The Clarity Mindfulness App - The best Mindfulness App for women: Clarity empowers women to practice self-care to ease them into their 30's, 40's and 50's gently. Check it out in the app store of your smart phone.

 Meno Health – we met them at This Morning Live but you may have seen them during the BBC Menopause week. Helping more women enjoy a healthier and happier menopause. MenoHealth combines 24/7 help and advice with support and exercise at our unique MenoClasses. Find a class near you on the website



Jackie Lynch Nutrition – Jackie delivered a speech about nutrition for a healthy menopause at the Feel Good Fair and it was really empowering. Visit her website for details of upcoming workshops, nutrition clinics and to check out her two books.

 Fruit Flow - Fruitflow®️+ Omega-3 offers the first 100% natural, safe, scientifically proven solution for healthy blood flow & cardiovascular health. This becomes especially important during the menopause.




Me And My Menopausal Vagina by Jane Lewis – Jane is an incredible lady, full of knowledge about what can happen to your vagina during the menopause. She’s speaking from experience and her book is proving popular among members of our Chilled Menopause Facebook group – the recent competition to win a copy of the book had a record number of entries.


Are we missing anything? If there’s a specific resource that you rate that’s helped you manage your menopause symptoms, send us a message on Facebook – or Instagram @become_tm Also, get in touch if you are a business in the menopause space and we've missed you out. Can anyone help us find support groups and wellness groups operating outside of London and accessible for people in different areas of the UK? We would love to do a follow-up blog post or compile a directory full of different menopause aides to help as many people as possible.  

Please contribute to help us build the ultimate list that stops us from letting the menopause take over our lives!




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