Midlife Reimagined With Nada Jones

Conversations around midlife often focus on menopause and anti-aging products. While we know this is an important topic, we also know that midlife is about more than menopause and fine lines. This period in our lives can also be the exciting start of our next phase, which is why we’re happy to introduce you to Nada Jones.

The host of the Liberty Road With Nada Jones Podcast, Nada is on a mission to help women rethink midlife and reimagine their future. Believing we must have examples of what’s possible to help consider our own possibilities, she’s helping women over 40 see why midlife is the perfect time to launch a venture (start a business or nonprofit, become a freelancer, write a book, direct a documentary, create your art, or whatever it is that lights your fire!)

Nada recently pivoted from sharing all female founders' origin stories to focusing on the stories of women who’ve launched after 40. She has found that the issues facing those approaching (or in) midlife are unique and deserve some much-needed attention - and she is using her platform to create a new conversation around the middle years which she defines as 40, 50 and 60.

Now in midlife herself, Nada has spent the past 20+ years building a business that supports women-owned businesses. From starting an online co-op of emerging designers, co-authoring an Amazon small-business best-seller, to creating conferences and workshops and consulting women-owned businesses, she’s seen it all.  And she brings her unique insight to every conversion asking the questions her listeners would ask if they could. Her goal is to inspire and equip listeners to move into their future with intention. 

Like Nada, we believe if you woke up this morning, there is more for you to receive, give and become. You can find all of the episodes on her website or where you listen to your favorite podcasts. We hope you’ll give her a listen!



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