Ways To Wear Our New Limited Edition Print Vest Tops

For the first time ever, we've put some printed patterns on two of our vest tops. Although our classic colours of white, black, navy and biscuit have been popular, we wanted to give you all more choice when it comes to staying cool this summer.

For a limited time only - until stocks last - our white and biscuit vest tops can be bought plain or with a heart motif animal print. Here's a closer look at the print:

Limited Edition Vest Top (White) 

Limited Edition Vest Top (Biscuit) 

As you can see, the base fabric is exactly the same soft, breathable material that we're famous for. Our vest tops were put through an independent trial by the University Of Leicester (re-read that blog post here) and proven to work to reduce the symptoms of hot flushes and night sweats.



You could wear one of our heart print vest tops to bed with a pair of our Anti-flush midi briefs or our Anti-flush leggings for maximum coverage. 

However, if you want to show it off then a smart, stylish summer look would be to pair the white vest top with a darker coloured midi skirt a bit like this:


For the biscuit vest top, why not try a lighter bottom half? White trousers or jeans are a summer classic. Imagine the biscuit top with white trousers like the ones below. It's easy to wear and because its a statement piece, it looks eye-catching even with trainers.

Have a closer look at the limited edition vest tops here and it'll most likely inspire you to build some summer outfits of your own. But do hurry, as there's only super limited stocks available!



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