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We all know that the pressures of putting on the perfect Christmas can be huge and the day itself can bring with it a range of mixed emotions. If the menopause is already making you feel tired and stressed, the thought of inviting the family over might leave you more ‘sizzled’ than ‘sparkling’! So we’ve been in touch with a range of wellbeing experts to tell us their best tips for staying stress-free this season – leaving you free to enjoy the festive fun.

Stress Free Christmas

Don’t Forget to Breathe

You’ve got the table set and the tinsel up, but the lunch still isn’t ready… and you can feel the panic set in! But rather than rushing around like a headless turkey, make sure to take a few moments for yourself. As Becks Armstrong, from Clarity App tells us “Many people go about getting everything ready on Christmas morning practically holding their breath… they forget to breathe! So the best thing to do is to just stop for a couple of minutes”. Pop out into the garden, or upstairs away from the crowd to clear your mind and catch your breath back. Even just stopping and closing your eyes to focus for a minute or two has been proven to slow down your pulse and calm your body. We’ve got lots more tips here on how mindfulness can help with menopausal symptoms, particularly when you’re feeling the heat.

Be Kind to Yourself 

If you’re hosting Christmas, you’ll probably be so busy making sure all your guests are having a good time, you’ll forget to check that you’re doing OK too! One of the best gifts you can give is not being too hard on yourself. Maryon Stewart, Pioneer of the Natural Menopause advises us, “Although it’s the season to be jolly, that’s probably the last thing you feel like when your hormones are running riot. If your moods are swinging up and down like a yo-yo, don’t keep it to yourself. Share your feelings with your family and friends. Once they know what’s going on, they will be more understanding than you think. Remind yourself that these feelings are a normal part of the menopause and they will pass.” Find more great tips from Maryon for keeping cool over Christmas here

Stress Free Christmas

Keep Moving

Christmas is all about overindulgence, no? Well, although it’s a chance to enjoy some festive feasting, personal trainer Katie Morris reminds us that we shouldn’t forget to relax, restore and rebalance ourselves. “To avoid the January guilt, my top tips would be to keep moving, go for a walk after Christmas dinner, or try to hit your steps target each day. Keep hydrated with water (in between a glass or two of Prosecco, of course!) and take at least 30 minutes for yourself each day to do something that makes you smile.” Jane Dowling from Meno and Me strongly agrees: “If you stay active, you’ll burn calories, lift your mood, sleep better and stop anxiety running away with you.” If you’re short of time, try Jane’s quick and easy stretching routine, which will help to keep joints and muscles moving.

Stress Free Christmas

Sharing is Caring

Even the smallest of Christmas dinners makes for a heap of preparation. Whether it’s peeling the sprouts or doing the washing up afterwards, make sure to give everyone a job to do. We asked Sabrina Zeif, The Menopause Chef for some tips to help make the day go smoothly: “Suggest a ‘bring and share’ meal. You provide the turkey, ham or roast and let everyone else bring their favourite dish. This way you’re not bedraggled when everyone arrives, plus you’ve not spent all day cooking. Limit alcohol as it can raise cortisol (the stress hormone) levels. Spritzers can be an excellent alternative at parties. Sparkling water with splash of grapefruit juice or lime juice can be a good alternative to alcohol. Also make sure to call in the family troops to help with the holiday decorations. It's not a one-woman job. Make it a festive family affair”.

Stress Free Christmas

Plan if you Can

A little bit of planning can go a long way at Christmas. You’re sure to have extra to do and remember. Debs Devries shows us how: “No plan is perfect and that's OK, but if you have a handle on what needs to be done, you can focus on making sure most of the things on your list happen. I keep a list on my phone so it's always handy. You don't really want to be wrapping presents at 1am on Christmas morning, so have a look now and see where you can schedule tasks in. Combine activities, for instance, watch a favourite movie while writing cards or wrapping presents. Order your shopping in but do make sure the fridge, freezer and cupboards have enough space – making sure any edibles are out of cat/dog/mouse reach!"

Stress Free Christmas
Sparkle Don’t Shine

It’s not unusual to feel the heat on Christmas morning. It’s prime time for a hot sweat – especially if you’re cooking over a hot stove! And if you’ve made an effort to wear your favourite dress, the last thing you want to do is end up sweaty and sticky. As Evey Amery Kurlander, our Fashion Guru tells us: “What challenges me most about the Winter months is dressing up warmly to face the day, only to find myself stripping it all off when I get hot! What we need to do here is layer.” And that’s when Become™ menopause clothing can really help. Our clever vests are lightweight enough to fit snugly underneath a sparkly dress, smart blouse or Christmas jumper. They will quickly wick away any moisture to keep you dry. Or try one of our stylish new tops with a skirt or trousers for an instant outfit, that will keep you fresh all day. If you're feeling stuck for what to wear over Christmas, make sure to read more outfit inspiration from Evey here.  

Whatever you’re doing this Christmas, we wish you a wonderful and stress-free time! And if you have any of your own tips to share, do let us know in the comments below.



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